Fake Bungee Jump

Fake Bungee Jump


Do you feel like the stag hasn’t got enough on his plate yet? WOO! You will totally love this one then!

Here’s the funniest prank you can pull off! Your mate will remember this for years to come.

Imagine, the poor guy is so scared… Your cheering helps to encourage him… Finally, after 3-4 trials, he’s ready to make that step… Whoohoo, he’s up in the air and… DANG! His belly hits ice-cold water in a tiny swimming pool! What a surprise!

Make sure to record this 2-second free fall and the stag’s embarrassment of lifetime. :) We promise, you will want to watch it over and over again!

To make the prank feel even more real, you will get a professional bungee jumping instructor and all safety equipment. Now it’s on you to get all the lads involved and make sure the stag believes the hype.

  • Private transfer
  • Professional bungee instructor
  • Guide
  • Fake bungee jump for the stag
  • Minimum 10 People

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