Escape Room

Escape Room


Challenge yourself!
Find your way out from the trap full of clues and puzzles, and set yourself free!
A perfect team building activity for you and your lads!

Option 1:
Go back to Communist Czechoslovakia of 1970s! Such a time machine, it guarantees some awesome time surrounded by your bests!

Option 2:
Can you escape your dreams?
Discover the real Freudian secrets and fantasies! Find your way out from a psychiatric office and prove you are not a psycho

Solve all the conundrums, find the secret documents and you will be granted the precious freedom!

Do your best to get away from the trap in 60 minutes and celebrate the victory!! You will get a complimentary round of beers to exchange your emotions. Your private tour guide will enhance your manliness: be like those courageous princes to save you lady!

  • Located in the city centre
  • Guide
  • 1 hour game
  • Beer for each afterwards



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