Clay Pigeon

Clay Pigeon


Fancy some classic avocation for your mate’s long anticipated stag weekend? A PROPER gentry hangout with PROPER guns! How about that?

Picturesque Czech countryside and ice-cold local beer while enjoying the sweet echo after firing your beloved shotguns… Men’s favourite!

What can be better than holding a gun ready to press the release! Feel the power of
the renowned weapon in your own hands! Remember to hold it firmly though, a vigorous kick back is guaranteed.

Prove to yourself and your lads who’s the stud here! No more boring still targets, and aiming at a cartoon sheep face!

You are still here? Good. So check out our new mind-blowing offer, you, real gun lovers!

Ready for a challenge, boys?

A test for your coordination! Try to knock out a moving target, like a flying bird, but made of clay. It is harder than it sounds, but the reward is sweeter…

Each one of you lads will get a pack of 24 bullets and 12 pigeons to target, safety briefing and a skilled instructor. As a reward for your sharp eye and patience you will get a round of complimentary beers. Your private tour guide will take you to the venue by a VIP coach and take you back safe and sound.

  • Private transfer
  • Guide
  • 24 bullets/ 12 pigeons for each
  • Round of beer

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