XXL Burger in Sport Bar

XXL Burger in Sport Bar


What can be better than a massive juicy burger with loads of beer and watching your favourite football team take home the 3 points?

Why don’t you slow down a bit from a 24/7 party, and spend some quality time with your mates! Time it well with an epic game on the tele and go to a sports bar!

Enjoy a home-made XXL burger made with 400g of Czech minced beef, a pile of delicious chips on the side and 3 rounds of proper large beers with a surprise welcome drink! The stag will get an EXTRA special drink from us!

You will also get:

A table reservation in one of Prague’s best sports bars, and a lovely tour guide to help you get there and keep you entertained.


Table reservation at Sport bar

XXL Burger( 400gr)+ home made chips

3 round of Beer

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