Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting


Why not to immerse yourself properly into authentic Czech culture while on the stag do! We mean the drinking culture, of course! Cause let's be honest, you're not coming to Prague for sightseeing, not this time around at least. :)

Here you go!

Enjoy a unique brewery restaurant ambience and the country's signature, hop-saturated experience!

Just imagine the sensation of your favourite beverage just taken out from the oven! So crispy and fresh, it is nearly pours out from your pint! Don't let it run away! And drink up!

Hold your breath! You will have 5 exceptional craft lagers from the tap in one of the most recognised breweries Czech Republic is proud of. Also, get ready for something stronger! Specially for you, we prepare a round of complimentary Beervodka shots.

Moreover, you will learn about technology used for making this beer and the actual process of it during a short brewery tour held by a knowledgeable tour guide.

  • Brewery restaurant in the city centre
  • Guide
  • 5 lager beer by 0,25
  • Round of beervodka
  • Brewery tour

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