Steak & Lesbo Show

Steak & Lesbo Show


Fancy something more than just typical dining out to surprise the groom-to-be?

It’s his stag weekend! You want him to have absolute fun. Food and booze are fine, but you can enjoy it anytime… There’s nothing special about it.

So, let’s spice up the things a little bit!

Enjoy a REAL MAN’s feast loaded with meat and alcohol followed by an extra hot feast for your eyes. How’s that?

You will get a delicious juicy steak with a large pile of home-made chips on the side and two large crafted Czech beers. Right after you’re finished with food, two gorgeous ladies will take your breath away by performing the hottest show you’ve ever seen.

  • Table reservation
  • Steak 250gr. with chips
  • 2 big  beers
  • Hot female stripper
  • Guide

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