Airsoft Shooting

Airsoft Shooting


Dying for a feeling of some cold metal in your hands? Power.. Control.. Adrenaline.. All on your fingertips!

Please welcome the brand new gem in the shooting world!

Be among the lucky ones to try a calibre of the new generation! A brand new concept combines the traditional shooting with the latest tech innovations. Your favourite PS games’ developers went further to blow your mind completely!

A rich selections of the world-famous guns (AK-47, Glock, G36, and Pulse rifle) will help you to get through the games which don't let you sleep at night

Enjoy the excitement of the unlimited airsoft guns and a variety of games to exercise them, and 2 shooting ranges for you to have the best fun!

  • Public Transfer
  • Guide
  • 2 hours game
  • 2 Airsoft Pro Box 12 rooms
  • Lots of different guns for your choice
  • Unlimited bullets
  • Round of beer

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