Bubble Football

Bubble Football


If you are looking for fun, exercise and entertainment all rolled up into one (excuse the pun) you have to sign up for our Zorb football package.  This one is for men or women and either can play.  Run around and make fools of yourself and your friends, and after an hour of fun sit down and have a beer on us.  Take a look at the video on this page to get the idea.

  • Public transfer
  • Guide
  • Game for 1 hour
  • Body zorbs, goals, bal and zorbing coach
  • Beer for each.

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thumbs up!

| Harry Carreis
Wicked!! We didn't have much of a proper game though, were only fooling around !!!!So cool


| Stean Garresin
It looked good on the pictures but reality was.. Freaking awesome! Thank you!

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