River cruise with Roly Poly

River cruise with Roly Poly


Does the stag like curvy women? Let’s say, SUPER CURVY…

Say what? The answer is ‘No’? Doesn’t matter! It will be more fun then! ;)

Imagine, a relaxing river cruise… Free beer… Prague’s beautiful sights are just at

your fingertips… Everyone is enjoying themselves…

And here she comes! Stag’s fun is over. BIG MOMMA is coming for him! He’s got

nowhere to run… You’re in the middle of a river!

Enjoy a pint of refreshing beer while watching the drama unfold! Also, make sure to

take a few snaps to keep laughing at the groom after it’s over.

WARNING! Keep an eye on the stag so he doesn’t jump out of the boat, as the big

momma is an excellent swimmer :)

  • Private river cruise for an hour
  • Public transfer
  • Guide
  • Round of beer
  • Roly Poly show

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