Binocular football

Binocular football


In case if your stag does not drink, [yeah, yeah, it happens] or if the majority of your squad is up for a sober kind of fun, but you don't want to miss out without what Stag Do is really about… [getting smashed!], our new offer is simply perfect for your stag weekend

Let yourself experience playing classic football, but if you were straight after party… with little or no focus at all, a bit dizzy, unable to walk in straight lines… and trying to kick the ball at the same time. Wouldn’t it be hilarious!?

All you need is binocular goggles on, and a soccer ball. And you are basically all set.

It’s time to upgrade your football skills, boys! Ready? You’ll see the ball either 10 feet closer or further than it actually is, thanks to goggles Even if you and your lads are experienced footballers, you’ll find it challenging, as well as really amusing!

Enjoy a one-hour game with unlimited ice-cold beer to keep the fun going, a lovely private tour guide to make sure all goes nice and smooth. Kindly ask her to record some of the funniest moments of your game, like your mates kicking the air and crashing into each other. No worries or stress of finding the venue, your guide will meet you at your accommodation and take you there by a private transfer.

All you need is to press “Add to cart”, and we do the rest!

  • Private transfer
  • Guide
  • One hour game
  • Round of beer

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