Hen's Hunt

Hen's Hunt


Fancy a bit of action? Maybe chasing your hen with weapons filled with paint? If it’s ‘yes’, then our brand new activity is just what you’re looking for

A conventional paintball game but with a little twist! For “Ladies’ Paintball” you’ll exercise tiny balls, only 0.5 calibre.

NO stains. NO pain. NO bruises… Forget all of that!

Enjoy a 2-hour game on our massive and cool paintball field. Variety of colours for the bullets!

Hunt your hen down! And lets get dirty! We mean covered with paint
Celebrate the successful hunt with a glass of exquisite Czech wine afterwards!

  • 2 Hours game
  • 200 balls by 0,50cal
  • All equipment
  • Instructor
  • Public transport,near the centre
  • Guide
  • Bottle of sparkling wine for winner

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