Bar Crawl with unlimited booze

Bar Crawl with unlimited booze


What’s a BADASS night-out for YOU? Does it mean overflowing booze in the company of your mates going crazy?

You are in the right place then! We have something very special prepared for you…

What about to get the party started by hitting an open bar which will serve all you want with no limits? Yes, you heard it right, UNLIMITED booze for 1.5 hours to kick the night off!

Sounds good, huh! So at first, you get loaded with all your beloved local brews or a stronger Russian standard, as you wish. And then, rock the Czech Capital like in your maddest dreams! And your lovely private tour guide will show you how! And where!

Excited? You better be!
It’s going to be the night of your lifetime! Remember a Hangover movie? Chances are you might not even remember it…  Happens. LOL

No worries, our professional tour guide will keep you safe and sound. She’ll be your best friend keeping you out of troubles and a caring mother making sure you get a taxi to your hotel afterwards.

Enjoy a 1.5 hour open bar with unlimited beer, vodka, wine and mixers, and then crawling between 3 to 4 liveliest bars and pubs in the city centre with a lovely tour guide!

  • Pub Crawl for 5 hours
  • Unlimited drinks for an 1,5 hour (beer,vodka,rom,wine,softs)
  • Entrance fee to Lap Dance club
  • Entrance fee to Disco club

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