Weekend with Shooting

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Weekend with Shooting


Want a REAL man’s brutal weekend with REAL guns and hot discos all night long?

You’re in the right place!

Every man loves a feeling of a cold metal in his hands and the power it brings. The number 1 favourite, timeless AK-47 will make your Bachelor weekend unforgettable. Show your mates who’s the sharpest rifleman in the squad!

Day 1:

The greatest time of your life starts straight after you step out of the airport. A hot guide will meet you and take care of you throughout the whole weekend.

A private transfer will take you to your accommodation in the very heart of the city’s nightlife. Let a stunning lady kick off the unforgettable weekend and dance for you during your journey. 

Relax, and give all the organisational headaches to your guide. She’s there to help you to go through check-in, navigate you to the meeting points and arrange times you will meet later for a bar crawl. Booking VIP reservations in the BEST places in town are also her speciality. Let her know your desires and she’ll make it happen! Yes, it’s that easy!

Get ready! 5 hours of madness and endless fun exploring the best of what Prague can offer. Your guide will make sure you get smashed and enjoy yourselves to the highest level. Visit 3-4 of the finest bars in the city centre with free welcome drinks on entry, top it off with the biggest and the baddest lap-dance club, and dance your night away in a top night club afterwards!

Day 2:

Fighting a hangover? Be strong! Get a proper breakfast and a small-but-strong morning Joe and you’re ready to go!

Your guide will meet you in front of your hotel and take you directly to the shooting range.

Please NOTE! You need to be sober to participate. It’s not a sandbox with water pistols: all guns are REAL and very dangerous!

Behold the power of the most widely used firearms in modern warfare. Receive 35 rounds in a weapon of your choice (AK-47/M16 automatic assault rifles, Scorpion sub-machine gun or a shotgun) and see if you can hit your targets with deadly efficiency.

After the activity enjoy an ice-cold beer with your mates and take some bad-ass gun selfies to remember the day.

If you haven’t booked anything for your second night out, your guide might show you around again, if you’re especially nice and on your best behaviour. Give it a try! (Be sure to say pretty please!)


Day 3:

It’s the hardest one, for sure! We know you're tired and hungover! But pull yourself together, check out, enjoy a pint of your favourite Czech beer one more time. A driver will make sure you make it to the airport and won’t miss your flight. Sorry, unfortunately you cant take your guide with you!

  • Accomodation for 2 nights in the city centre
  • Airport shuttle with welcome strip
  • Shooting package - 35 bullets for each (Ak 47,Shot gun,Scorpion)
  • Pub Crawl for 5 hours
  • 3 Welcome shots for each
  • Free entrance to the best Lap Dance Club
  • Entrance fee to Disco Club



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The AK47 Adventure
Airport Transfer and Return

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