Favourite Bachelors’ Activities

Every year Prague’s popularity as a stag do destination grows steadily greeting thousands of bachelor and hen celebrations.

Guys from stag do’s get so inspired after a farewell to their mate’s freedom, that they spread the word about Prague as the best getaway, and they come again bringing other friends over.

Prague has so much to offer to audacious party people, and the list of activities we can offer to spice up their weekends gets longer steadily. Such a ‘To Do’ list, we provide an original, one-of-a-kind program to get the best experience of Prague. Countless activities include sports, leisure and relax, breathtaking nights out and captivating lap-dance bar crawls and a lot more.

No chance you can pick a single activity as the best one. Not for all!

Different countries have their own favourites. One of the beloved favourites for English people is shooting. It doesn’t matter if it’s AK-47, a shot gun, scorpion or pistol, or clay pigeon shooting, Brits are simply drawn by the idea of a gun in their hands. Like in many other countries, UK has strict laws regarding guns possession and unfortunately they don't have as many opportunities to shoot and compete at it with their best mates as here. Another thing, all guns are real. You shoot from an authentic AK-47, same one which is used by Russian military. No fake. No water pistols, only real dangerous armour.

Germans and Austrians are more into sports and races. They don't need guns to have fun like English do. Give them a go carting track and let the rigorous tournament begin. It doesn’t matter if it is a normal football, or Zorb football, go carting, paintball, water rafting, quad biking or something else. So competitive and determined to win, by any endeavour they will show their friends who is the best.

People from Netherlands and Belgium are a little bit lazy. They don't want to compete and show off their skills. Give them a relaxing river cruise with a stripper or a beer spa to unwind and enjoy themselves. Thai massage and Russian Banja to rest their bodies and souls, a tradition Czech or medieval dinner to get more familiar with the country’s culture and traditions while chilling with their mates. That’s the perfect Bachelor celebration for Dutch and Belgians.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what are your preferences and tastes, we will help you to have the time of your life while visiting Prague. From the basic sightseeing to sports challenges and the most exiting nights out we will make sure you’ll be having the best fun ever, so that as soon as you're back home you start planing another visit.

See you soon!


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