Thirsty Pub Crawl

Thirsty Pub Crawl


The last celebration of your mate’s freedom is almost there, and you haven’t planed much yet, have you? Don't you want this hustle and headache of planning/organising?

Here you go! Our special all inclusive Thirsty Pub Crawl is simply what you are looking for! The ultimate Stag Do experience in a single activity!

Booze, booze, booze… With no restrictions or limits for 2.5 hours! How about that? Kick off your party by swimming in your favourite Czech beer, and Moravian wine if you prefer more class.

Got hungry on your way? Of course you would! Enjoy a delicious massive burger with chips. Don't worry! There’s no need to have a break from the open bar… Eat right there! After you are finished with food, wash it with another round of spirits. And then another, and so on!
Surprises haven’t stopped there… Don't you get bored!

Please give a warm welcome to a gorgeous Czech princess who is about to seduce your stag one last time… Before he commits. Get a breathtaking 15 min strip show you will never forget. Caution: You’ll need to keep an eye on your boy. Chances are he might doubt settling down eventually.

Let you lovely tour guide take you on a legendary bar crawl afterwards! Unleash the inner party animal and have a blast while in Prague! Crawl from one vibrant bar to another with a proper vip service. Enjoy 3 to 4 liveliest bars the capital can offer and get welcome drinks in each bar. Tell your guide what you fancy, and she’ll sort the best deals for you! Your wish is our command!

  • Pub Crawl for 5 hours
  • Masive Burger with chips
  • Unlimited drinks for 2 hours(beer,vodka,rom,wine,softs)
  • Strip show for 15 min
  • Entrance fee to Lap Dance club
  • Entrance fee to Disco club

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