Police kidnapping

Police kidnapping


WARNING! Faint-hearted stags are prohibited from participation!

This hardcore prank will surely make your mate cry like a baby and call his Momma.

Let it be a bar crawl or a dinner to be the last bit when the stag can be a tough guy rocking Prague like a boss…
And then, let the embarrassment party begin!
Two brutal policemen will prosecute the Stag by caring out the ‘Interpol mission’. Your mate will be handcuffed and seized into a black toned Mercedes. Interrogation will take place in the car and during a long walk through a labyrinth and elevator shaft. Intimidating Russian policemen will do everything to accomplish the “Crying Stag” mission and will invite rest of the team to celebrate this legendary moment.
Don’t worry, your mate will get a reward for his endurance, for sure! A gorgeous stripper will make him feel like a man AGAIN and enjoy the rest of his Bachelor weekend!

  • Guide
  • 2 Policemen
  • Handcuffes
  • Black toned Mercedes
  • Walk through a labyrinth and elevator shaft.
  • Strip show 15 min



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