Get Max Naked

Get Max Naked


Now let’s get a hen excited! And not only her. It's great fun for the whole squad! Get the bride drunk and undress our sexy Max!

An hour-long Q&A game, it takes place during a bar crawl in one of the best club’s private lounge. A hen has to pick cards and answer the questions written on them. For every correct reply Max takes his clothes off, slowly revealing his super hot body. And another way around, if she gets the answer wrong, she has to drink. If you want to see Max naked, your friend needs to try really hard.

For every 8 people, the package includes a bottle of alcohol of your choice and 6 soft drinks. A bride gets 8 various shots, and a stunning stripper makes an unforgettable show.

  • Reservation of private room in the bar
  • Q&A game for 1 hour
  • Bootle of any alcohol and soft drinks
  • One hot male stripper
  • 8 shots

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