Stag Arrest

Stag Arrest


Dying to show your mate what his life would be like after the wedding? Then you will definitely enjoy this one!

Get your innocent stag arrested! Let him feel helpless and scared! Real police case, handcuffs and awfully rude officers… Brrr! A portion of adrenaline is guaranteed!

Imagine, you're at some bar enjoying couple of drinks and some laugh. Then suddenly, a police team approaches your party.

What a coincidence!

The poor stag looks just like this lad who’s wanted for the last night’s burglary. What can he do?! His photo is among other criminals filling the police case. The angry officers will handcuff him and take away.

What’s next? A special reward for the innocent one! A mind-boggling strip show for him to relax a little bit and get back on the track

The rest of the weekend will feel like heaven, and we guarantee that your mate will remember this for years to come!

  • Police control by 2 policemen
  • Police arrest
  • Lap dance show for 15 min
  • One strong shot for Stag afterwards






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Fake stag

| Sarthak
We are 5 people,want to fo this tonight

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