Absinthe Night

Absinthe Night


Why not spice up your weekend a little bit? Literally!
A one-off experience, prohibited in most countries… How about that!
Don’t worry, you’re not gonna break any laws! You’re in Prague! Remember, what happens in Prague, stays in Prague.

Enjoy an unforgettable night of drinking, dancing and more drinking! Dare to taste the notorious "devil in a bottle" with anise taste, which helped Van Gogh create his famous artworks!

You receive 2 homemade shots of absinthe (hot and cold preparation) in one of Prague's most popular Absinthe-Bars.

After that your personal bar crawl will leade you to the busiest and wildest locations Prague has to offer. From crazy clubbing to the most luxurios Gentleman's clubs. You get free entrance and a welcome shot in up to 5 bars.

Your private guide is a wild party animal and she'll make sure that you'll have the best time. Tell her your wishes and she'll make them come true.... You will have a night you definitely won't remember ;)

  • minimum 3 different bars
  • 2 absinthe shots
  • 5 hours crawl
  • Entrance to the lap dance club
  • Entrance to the night club

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